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Elevation Preparatory Academy partners with elite sport academies around the local area to provide athletes with a schedule that goes well with their training and competitions.

Florida International Baseball Academy

Florida International Baseball Academy (FIBA) specializes in getting kids ready for the next level. The next level could either be Junior College, a 4-year university, professional baseball, or coaching. We have a plethora of testimonials that are available upon request. All of our training simulates what is done at the highest level. Our coaches all have professional experience and our advisory staff all coach in Major League Baseball.

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212° Sports Academy

212° Academy is a High School and Post-Graduate basketball program in Sarasota, Florida. Our Post-Grad program is focused on serving as a ‘Gap’ between a high school graduate and college basketball. Our goal, by the time you leave our program, you will have the experience and skill set to have a leg up on the competition. 

We work daily on fundamentals and teaching the game of basketball.  We pride our program on players with great character and high on the court IQ.   


We provide each student athlete with instructional and developmental training geared towards helping him reach their full potential on and off the court.  We stress ‘Giving the extra effort, going the extra mile and doing more’  to our players in our program.

Celsius International Tennis Academy

The Celsius Tennis Academy, directed by Cary Cohenour, offers a full range of competitive tennis programs to fit most any experienced tennis player’s schedule and level of commitment. Whether you want to simply improve your game, play for your school or compete on a local, state, national or even world-class level, the Celsius Family will help you reach your maximum potential.


Upper 90 FC

Upper 90 FC is an elite soccer program aimed at preparing high school and post-graduate EPA players to compete at the collegiate and professional level. The program adopts a methodology and philosophy that addresses the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of the game as well as honing positive personal character traits and skills. Under the guidance of Federico Rodriguez  (Head Coach) and Ashley Garrison (Executive Director), Upper 90 FC prepares players with all the necessary skills needed to succeed in life on an academic, competitive and personal level.

Jon Bullas
Golf Academy

Jon brings over 25 years of worldwide experience in the game of golf to you. Through gaining knowledge of playing the game at every level, Jon has created a holistic approach to coaching. Studying every area of the game with some of the worlds greatest instructors has helped Jon develop his proven teaching system. Players of all ages and abilities can learn all aspects of the game.

Students learn using state of the art TRACKMAN launch monitor and high speed video analysis technology at the world class facilities of Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota.

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Sarasota Volleyball

SVC is a place where young athletes can develop their volleyball skills in a safe, fun, and educationally sound environment. It is a club where coaches and parents work together to build both the athletes volleyball skills as well as their life skills.


We make success possible and strive to ensure players grow as a person as well as an athlete. Players as well as staff are expected to work hard, play hard and have fun! We believe success is not relative to wins or losses! We feel every win and every loss is a learning experience for our athletes. While winning is by far not the most important thing, the will to win is!

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